Happy clients make all the difference!
Mike is one of the agency's trusted photographers. He has expert understanding of lighting, framing and getting the most out of talents. He has impressed us with outstanding images. He is a great collaborator, he keeps things light and fun. 

Tin Sanchez
Deputy Executive Creative Director at Wunderman Thompson
When you think portraits, he is the guy to run to, made me look like a million bucks... (no pun intended).

Jun Lao
MEIDA Executive AND entrepreneur
Mike was one of my best Concept Teammates ever. Dependable, talented, immune to panic, and with more taste than a Michelin star restaurant.

Lawin Bulatao
Chief Creative Officer at IdeasXMachina (IXM)
Mike is a brilliant photographer, as his work leaves no doubt about it. What I admire about his work is that his technical know-how never gets in the way of the ultimate goal of capturing the moment. As a result, always succeeds in capturing images that are evocative.

Bennet Dychangco
Marketing, branding and Communications consultant
Michael not only thinks conceptually but his ideas can stand alone on its own, without fanfare of words. His ability to generate powerful ideas is even strengthened by his advanced visual skills, particularly in the field of photography and digital imaging. I can only describe Michael as a master of the medium. A true artist but without the typical self-absorbed attitude most people with his talent have. Michael is as talented with people as he is with his work. He is able to balance creative conviction and diplomacy creating allies in the wake of many of his numerous creative projects. I have not met a single soul unhappy with Michael nor his work.

Cecilia Beltran
Book Writer and Digital Campaign Creative Writer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Great eye for detail. I continue to use his services across all my business. Always a pleasure to work with him and his team.

Josh Tiu
Restaurateur AND entrepreneur
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