Above Ground Studio Rental offers basic photography equipment geared for photographers professional, hobbyist and casual snappers alike with a 100 sq. m. space covering the shoot, makeup, lounge and dining areas.
Pricing starts at PHP 1,200/hour with regular operating hours at 8 AM to 6 PM. Overtime charges at PHP 1,300/hour apply for schedules beyond regular hours.

10 pax limit in compliance with the Building and Government Safety Protocols.
Studio rental includes basic lighting gear.


3 Godox 300W

Octabox 150 cm (1)
Strip Softbox 40 cm X 120 cm (2)
Rectangular Softbox 75 cm X 100 cm (2)
Beauty Dish (1)
Standard Reflector 7 in (2)
Snoot (1)
Reflective Umbrella (1)

Light Stands and Accessories

Light stands (5)
Boom Arm for light load (1)
Godox Transmitter (1)
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